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Cold Forging
41 years experience in cold forming production

Today different steel parts are being producing from several gr. to 50kg. by using cold forming technology. On cold forming process , raw materials are forming at normal atmospheric conditions with applying press and drawing stress.
Superior Quality Product
Size and form sensitivity
High static resistance due to plastic constipation
High fatigue resistance due to continuous and homogenous fiber dispersion
Surface roughness until 7Rz
Low Energy Cost
Metals are being formed at normal atmospheric conditions because of that there is not required any anneal energy.
Material resistance is being increased while cold forming process.
Generally there is not required heat treatment after cold forming process.
Low Finishing Production Cost
After the cold forming process, finishing operations are getting easy.
Because of superior roughness quality, machine tools productivity are being increased.
Operation times are being reduced due to not rough finishing process.
It can be formed complex shapes with cold forming moulds.
Raw Material Saving
Parts can be shaped at the right size and flash less.
Sometimes finishing process is not required.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cold Forging

*High production rate
*Sensitive Transaction(Little Tolerances)
*Higher flow resistance through the appropriate particle
*Better surface quality
*Less loss of material

*High molding pressures (Up to 3000-3400 Mpa)
*High mold costs, requires a minimum number of parts
*Only simple shapes cold forgeable

Cold Forgeable Metals

*Hardenable Steels: Unalloyed-1010,1015
*Heat Treated Steels: Unalloyed-1020,1035,1045
*Rustproof Steels: Pearlitic-410,430,431
Aluminum Alloyed:
*The Pure and Pleasure Close to The Aluminum Alloyed: 1285,1070,1050,1100
*Unhardenable Aluminum Alloyed: 3003,5152,5052
*Hardenable Aluminum Alloyed: 6063,6053,6066,2017,2024,7075
Other Steels:
*Copper, titanium, lead can easily be shaped at room temperature

Economics of Cold Forging

Part Weight Required to Forging The Number of Parts
Universal Press Private Press
<20 g …………. 10,000 - 500,000 Piece
20 to 500 g ……. 5,000 - 50,000 Piece

500 g to 10kg …. 1,000 - 20,000 Piece
10 kg to 50 kg…. 1,000 - 10,000 Piece
Be economical the minimum number of cold forging

Weight[kg] Required The Forging Minimum Number of Parts in on series/Piece Required The Forging Minimum Number of Parts in on year/Piece
<0.5 10.000 30.000
0.5-1.0 5.000 15.000
1.0-3.0 3.000 9.000
>3.0 1.000 2.000


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